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Will Japan's nuclear contaminated water affect the personal care industry?

2023-08-28 16:52:07

On August 24, Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant started nuclear contaminated water into the sea, the topic of "Japan's nuclear sewage discharge" also rushed to the hot search on Weibo.

That Japan's nuclear contaminated water discharged into the sea will affect the sea water quality and most aquatic products.  It is reported that Japan's nuclear contaminated water contains tritium, strontium-90, cesium-137, cobalt-60, carbon-14 and other radionuclides that after entering the human body will increase the risk of cancer, cause bone lesions in the human body.Among them, tritium flows into the ocean and is absorbed by seaweed, forming a stable organic stream that is digested by Marine animals and may eventually make its way to the human dinner table.

Japan's action, so that Chinese consumers began to fear seafood. In fact, not only seafood, but also some Marine ingredients used in personal care products, such as seaweed, fish roe, sea fennel, and pearl mussels, will be affected. The General Administration of Customs of China immediately announced the suspension of the import of Japanese aquatic products, including Marine materials, after the nuclear contaminated water was discharged into the sea on the 24th.

From this point of view, the development of Japanese cosmetics in the Chinese market may be hit by the future.

In the face of such an emergency, many Japanese personal care brands have come out with statements.For example, Shisedo’s official flagship store sincerely tells customers, "All the products we sell in China meet relevant national standards. Please feel free to use them."Sophie also said, "Our products are made in Tokyo, and there have been no abnormalities in the areas where Sophie's factory is located.The environment inside the Kao factory, the raw materials used, the production facilities and other aspects of the strict supervision to ensure that the products, to ensure that the products can be used safely."

Even so, these cosmetics brands in recent days still appear many consumers return the phenomenon, because Japan's nuclear contaminated water into the sea incident, has caused almost irreversible image damage to all the cosmetics brands.

Water and Marine materials used in the production of personal care products are two of the most common concerns among consumers about nuclear fallout. But some experts say the water used in Japanese personal care products should not be too worrisome. The reason is that there are three basic requirements for water used in the production of personal care products: fresh water, purification through a secondary reverse osmosis system, and ultraviolet disinfection. In the opinion of experts, nuclear sewage discharged into the sea will not affect fresh water in the short term.

As for the safety of Marine raw materials, it depends on the strict degree of raw material testing by the brand.That is to say, the product safety of some small and medium-sized Japanese personal care brands is still not completely trusted, and trying not to buy Japanese personal care products will become the purchase decision of Chinese consumers for a long time in the future.

During and after the COVID-19 epidemic, the safety of personal care products and their raw materials has attracted more and more attention. Japan's nuclear contamination of the sea affect the  global personal care industry profoundly.

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