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The anti-corruption storm in the pharmaceutical industry has also affected the field of medical beauty

2023-08-18 17:23:20

A known, the medical field is experiencing an unprecedented anti-corruption storm, which has swept the whole country. The crackdown will also change the health care landscape.

The anti-corruption campaign not only covers all enterprises and individuals in the pharmaceutical industry, but also affects the field of medical beauty and cosmetics.

At present, there are more than 300 pharmaceutical enterprises involved in cosmetics business, such as Yunnan Baiyao, Pien Tze Huang and Mayinglong.

There is evidence that the crackdown on corruption in medicine has spilled over into cosmetics.

“The Notice on the Key Points of Correcting Improper Practices in the field of Pharmaceutical Purchase and Sales and Medical Services in 2023”, jointly issued by several departments, has made it clear that it will focus on medical beauty and other fields, and strictly prohibit doctors from making profits by illegally live-streaming goods and accepting red money in the name of academic science.The move set off a chain reaction in the medical beauty and cosmetics industries.

In the medical beauty industry, the anti-corruption storm has cracked down on improper practices such as false propaganda, unlicensed medical practice and illegal production and operation, and standardized the cooperation mode between doctors and various cosmetics companies.

Previously, many doctors used social media to popularize skin care for the public, but some doctors abused their professional status to promote cosmetics.

In the cosmetics industry, for C-end consumers, the role of the doctor is very credible. You say that acne is useful? Or a doctor in a white coat who tells you this product will get rid of acne?

Some doctors have closely associated themselves with cosmetics, promoting them through social media platforms.Nowadays, medical staff are no longer allowed to endorse cosmetics products in their professional capacity.

Relevant reports show that the size of China's medical cosmetology market is expected to reach 399.8 billion yuan in 2026.The anti-corruption storm may have a certain impact on the sales of some medical beauty products in the short term.

In the long term, the anti-corruption storm in the medical and pharmaceutical sector is expected to have a positive impact on the beauty industry, promoting its standardized development and competition for truly high-quality products, as well as promoting more reasonable and compliant cooperation between cosmetics companies and hospitals and doctors.

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North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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