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NM-Carbomer 934P/974P/971P/980G/1382G: Welcome our stand N2 P70, CPHI China 2023

2023-06-16 16:26:47

CPHI China 2023 will be held on 19-21,June  2023 in  Shanghai New International Expo Center, China. It is Asia’s leading pharmaceutical show for trading, knowledge sharing and networking. And spans all industry sectors along the pharmaceutical supply chain and is your one-stop platform to grow business in the 2nd largest pharma market in the world. CPHI China 2023. is expected to draw 3,000+ exhibitors and hundreds and thousands of professionals from the pharmaceutical industry.

We. Anhui Newman Fine Chemicals Co., ltd, as a leading manufacturer of carbomers, we are Cherishing to meeting with customers, partners, and friends from around the world then to create a brighter future for the pharmaceuticals industry in our stand N2 P70.

As the toping leading manufacturer of carbomers, Anhui Newman Chemicals have been launching NM-Carbomer products for more than 12 years. Our key technology and carbomer products have created a positive global impact on pharmaceuticals and personal care industry.

The pandemic has profoundly changed the world, and people are paying more attention to a safe and healthy way of life. Anhui Newman launched the pharmaceutical grade carbomer below information,

1)Carbomer homopolymer: carbomer homopolymer type A such as NM-Carbomer 971P, 71G, 981G. And Carbomer Homopolymer Type B such as NM-Carbomer 974P, 934P, and Carbomer Homopolymer type C such as NM-Carbomer 980G.

2)Carbomer Copolymer: carbomer copolymer type A such as NM-Carbomer TR-2 P, and Carbomer copolymer type B such as NM-Carbomer TR-1P, and 1382G, and carbomer Copolymer Type C.

3)Carbomer interpolymer: Carbomer interpolymer Type A, such as NM-Carbomer 10G, Carbomer interpolymer type B such as carbomer 2020 G.

All these carbomer as excipientsmeet the requirements of major pharmacopoeia such as

Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020, US Pharmacopoeia USP/NF, European Pharmacopoeia EP, British Pharmacopoeia BP and other relevant regulations. We, Anhui Newman Chemicals business and technical team partners with customers to speed innovative health care field to market. Our Neman carbomer products as high-performance excipients are used in a wide range of applications including health care products, semisolid and liquid formulations, oral care products.

Also our personal grade Carbopol /carbomer 940HC ,941, 980HC, 990, 981,NM-Carbomer 1382/ Carbopol 1382, carbomer 1342/ Carbopol 1342, carbomer 20, carbomer 21 and 30 etc. with INCI name : Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, have excellent thickening and clarity capability, especially in hydroalcoholic &surfactant systems .


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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