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Newman Carbomer: Wish all of partners prosperity in the Year of the Rabbit

2023-02-03 14:59:08

Spring festival is the Chinese Lunar New year. Also, people from East and Southeast Asian cultures across the world are ringing in a new year of prosperity, hope and calm. Lunar New Year is a major holiday, especially for people in China, which is why it’s often called Chinese New Year. There are several Lunar New Year traditions. Banquets and festivals are typically held featuring fireworks and dancing dragons. The fireworks are believed to scare off monsters and bad luck away.

We, Anhui Newman Fine Chemicals Co., ltd. is on the Spring Festival holiday from 21st, Jan to 28th, Jan 2023 that is a time for family, friends, and feast, and to honor family ancestors – all to help bring in that good luck in the new year.

When it ushers out the old year and bring in luck for the new one, we had a summing up and celebratory party. In the past year 2022 that is extraordinary due to COVID -19 affected, Newman all staff work together and achieve good performance. All of our NM-Carbomer & polyacrylic acid products are approved by Registration of EU REACH.

NM-Carbomers as excipient in pharmaceutical fields are approved by CENTER FOR DRUG EVALUATION of National Medical Products, among which

1)    Carbomer homopolymer TYPE A/B/C such as NM- Carbomer 971P, 981G, 71G, ,934P, 974P, 980G

2) Carbomer Copolymer Type A/B/C, such as NM-Carbomer 1382G, NM-Carbomer TR-1/TR-2 P

3) Carbomer interpolymer Type A/B/C, such as NM-Carbomer 2020G, NM-Carbomer 10G

Now, 2023 is also the Year of the Rabbit. The rabbit embodies calm, peace, prosperity, and longevity. And We very much hope this will translate into we and our partners, coming together to address our common challenges and put us on a path to prosperity for all.
To all people of China, and to our Anhui Newman staff and partners, wish you and your loved ones prosperity, health, and happiness in the Year of the Rabbit.


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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