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Newman carbomer 674,690,676,2623: The status of household cleaning products

2023-09-01 18:03:53

When it comes to the rigid demand, household cleaning products are an integral part of everyday life. With the development of The Times, the household cleaning market has increasingly entered the stage of white-hot competition. In fact, the market competition can force the category to enter the "fast lane" of growth.

Survey data show that China's household cleaning care market scale will reach 167.7 billion yuan in 2024, five annual compound growth rates of 8.7%, is expected in the next few years will continue to maintain high growth.

The era of strong efficacy affects not only skin care products, but also household cleaning categories.In recent years, home cleaning has gradually shown a trend of refined and high-end efficacy. Home cleaning brands must try to meet the needs of different groups such as mothers and babies, sensitive muscles, pet owners and other people, as well as the needs of different scenes such as travel, camping and commuting.

As the leading manufacturer of carbomer and acrylates copolymer products, Newman carbomer products play important role in enhancing the performance of dish, fabric and surface care products. In partnership with customers in the home care industry, we innovate products that help people to live a more comfortable life. NM-Carbomer products are the polymers, varying levels of crosslinking, providing a portfolio of functionally diverse performance options, being available as powder such NM-Carbomer 674, 690, 676 and NM-Carbomer 2623 with INCI name Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Cross polymer. Also liquid emulsion polymer such as NM-Aqua 30 with INCI name acrylates copolymer.

Newman Polyacrylic acid polymers as a high-efficient water-soluble adhesive and rheology modifier. They can provide high viscosity, excellent thickening and suspending performance with low dosage.

Features and Benefits:
1、Efficient and effective rheology modifiers providing excellent thickening, suspension, and stabilization benefits.
2、Provide a wide range of flow characteristics allowing the formulation of a broad variety of product forms.
3、Formulate products for laundry detergents, hard surface cleaners, polishes and protections, dish care, automotive care, air care, batteries, and agricultural products.
4、Provide good bonding and Offer stability in suitable electrolyte systems

Market competition is becoming more and more fierce, home cleaning brands need to stand out more and more through differentiated product efficacy, which also requires home cleaning brands to constantly explore the refined needs of different groups of people in the home cleaning market and create unique product selling points.

For example, a clear brand has launched anti-bacteria and anti-mite underwear laundry liquid to create professional products for the laundry needs and pain points of female groups.There are also household cleaning brands launched wooden furniture cleaners, specifically designed for the cleaning needs of wooden furniture, removing surface dust, fingerprints and slight scratches, so that the furniture is clean, bright and spotless.There are also home cleaning brands launched clothes wrinkle spray, can quickly smooth clothes wrinkles, for cotton, hemp, silk materials of clothing effect are better.

And IN ADDITION TO THESE REFINED DEMAND OUTSIDE, THE most universal effect demand is sweet atmosphere.

In today's life, most people are in a fast pace, often facing anxiety, sadness, tension and other negative emotions, and fragrance can relieve people's negative emotions to a certain extent.Therefore, sweet atmosphere DEMAND IS home QING AND EVEN the whole cosmetics industry are very important modern crowd demand.

To sweet atmosphere, also want to effect, this is the youngest consumers to present the common pursuit of household cleaning products.Household cleaning brand to do a good job of these two points is not simple, after all, to ensure the safety of the product, which is also the bottom line of product quality.


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