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Anhui Newman carbomer , polyacrylic acid: Chemical giants Collective action-Overhaul, shutdown, no quotation

2023-05-26 14:49:04

Due to the impact of deflation in the global market economy, the commodity and chemical fields continue to decline, the economic downturn environment, chemical enterprises have begun to fight back, choose to close factories, reduce production capacity and seal the plate without quotation and other ways, trying to save the current already at risk of survival situation.

For example, Dow company announced some plant closures.

BASF Group has announced that it will close a number of plants, including two ammonia plants and related fertilizer plants.

Why many chemical enterprises choose in the first half of the year for maintenance or load reduction and other active production reduction behavior. It is said, is to fight against the industry surplus pattern and the market cold helpless plan.

The reason behind this loss is on the one hand, the cliff fall of overseas trade orders;On the other hand, it is related to the overcapacity pattern caused by the crazy expansion of the domestic chemical industry. Once foreign trade is transferred to domestic sales, it is conceivable that the situation of "more than enough to satisfy the demand" in the reduction market will become more and more intense.And the current bulk industrial products concentration price reduction, is exacerbated by these enterprises profit difficult situation.This also promotes enterprises to adjust their thinking and transformation, no quotation, production reduction and factory closure is undoubtedly one of the important means.

As the top leading manufacturer of carbomers and related polymers, Anhui Newman has always been adhering to innovation and optimizing industrial structure. Our business covers in personal care field, health care field, home care and other industrial fields.

Anhui Newman launched the closely related to pharmaceutical grade carbomer, carbomer homopolymer type A/B/C, such as NM-Carbomer 934P, 974P, 971P, 980G, and carbomer copolymer, carbomer interpolymer such asNM-Carboemr2020NF/2020G, 1382G and 10G/10NF series models. These products meet the requirements of major pharmacopoeia such as Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020, USP Pharmacopoeia USP/NF, European Pharmacopoeia EP, British Pharmacopoeia BP, and other relevant regulations. We, Anhui Newman Chemicals business and technical team partners with customers to speed innovative health care field to market. Our Neman carbomer products as high-performance excipients are used in a wide range of applications including health care products, semisolid and liquid formulations, oral care products.

Also in industrial field application, our NM-ST 2640, NM-ST2641, NM-ST2623 Rheology Control Additive are powdered synthetic thickener based on polyacrylic acid. Being used in aqueous systems for a variety of different purposes in printing, coating such as Textile Coatings, Analog Printing Inks, Home Furnishing Coatings. They demonstrate efficient thickening performance and flexibility in formulation for different end-uses.


North seven road, Jinzhai modern industrial park, Anhui

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